I have got to know English for more than 10 years. Honestly, I don’t feel sure about my “learning” English due to my shyness of my speaking. I have one common problem on the learning method like many others in my country. We started to learn grammar and vocabulary first, and have a few chances of speaking and listening.  Currently, I am trying to learn how to learn from the beginning, which is from the pronunciation of each sound. I combine it with listening to the short conversation everyday. I gradually found it interesting to discover the beauty of each sound. I knew that  I got the problem of pronunciation, then I am always unconfident to speak English.  Currently, I used to  listen the English podcast from AJ Hope about the belief, motivation and model of learning English. The speed is so slow that I can catch these ideas of listening.  In addition, I used the application of ELSA to practice English. This app is developed by Vietnamese, which is useful for me to check the pronunciation everywhere. However, I notice that this app can evaluate one sound one time. Its weakness is not to have the over instruction of the linking sounds in the words and sentences.  I found this course when I finished “ English at work course”, which is very useful for me. I admit that this course is one of the best platform for me to practise listening and writing.

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