[IELTS – Writing] Day 1

[IELTS – Writing] Day 1

Topic: The internet has caused people to be isolated from their real lives. Do you agree or disagree?

Disclaim:  I will use some sentences and key words from Toan ZIM Ielts. I suggest that you can visit the facebook or website for more  valuable information.


One-side essay

1/ Brainstorming

Disagree – 2 reasons

+ Communication: facebook, skype – connect people together, updated information from all over the world

+ Knowledge: online courses from famous universities, updated news all the round of information, making friends

2/ Essay

It is generally believed that the internet is the root of preventing people from their society. In my opinion, this idea is flawed due to the undeniable benefits of internet in term of communication and knowledge acquisition, that internet offers.

Firstly, I would like to argue that internet is among the powerful tools of communication. The appearance of facebook and skype brings people together all around the world in one desk. In the past, it was expensive and took a long day to keep in touch with people outside the country. Nowadays, people can send instant message, make video calls with the support of internet within one or two seconds regardless of geographic distance. These website create an online network which connects everyone within their user’s social circle and enable them to keep their daily updates and sharing, so you can get the easier access to your idols with the support of the social platform. People, therefore, can enjoy both the convenience and swiftness that those services provide.

Secondly, I believe that internet has empowered people to acquire their knowledge than ever before. No matter where they are, people stand great chances of attending many online courses from famous universities. Coursera, Edx, for examples, create wonderful opportunities for them to get the honorable certificates without studying abroad. In addition, latest news about sports, education, economy and criminal is constantly updated in many sources that are open to everyone. This easy accessibility equips the sufficient information, which enhances them to be more aware of problems lying with their society. Moreover, internet enables people to get the closer look at and shape their thought of their society.

In conclusion, as the two analyzed reasons, I strongly disagree that Internet users are drifting away from their lives because of the online services.

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